The Gross Habits of Runners

Running. It can be beautiful, exciting- graceful, even, to watch. But a lot of the time, it is raw, uncensored and downright disgusting. Back in high school, my unwavering dedication to “finish things once you’ve started”, combined with my daily, mounting resentment at joining the track team, defined the beginning of my illustrious love/hate relationshipContinue reading “The Gross Habits of Runners”

20 Must-Read Running Books to ‘Fit’ In for 2014

Recently, I surveyed runners from around the web, asking them what their favorite running-related books were. The results were astounding. Thank you to all of you who participated in the conversation! The following are some great running books to check out. Have more suggestions? Leave them in the comments! #1 – Body for Life, byContinue reading “20 Must-Read Running Books to ‘Fit’ In for 2014”