Guidelines for Writing a Guest Post:

  1. Author Picture | You MUST include a separate JPEG image of yourself. This will be added to your guest post once it is published. If you fail to include an author picture with your article submission, your article will be rejected.
  2. Original Content | It cannot be something that has already been posted on your site or any other site.
  3. Between 300-700 words | Blog posts that are less than or significantly more than what is required will not be considered.
  4. Relevant | Unless otherwise noted, all blog posts must be relevant to the general theme that this blog represents (ie. fitness, health & wellness).
  5. Linking & Pictures | Your post may include 1-2 links back to your site, but NO AFFILIATE LINKING is allowed. Pictures are allowed and encouraged and should be sent as separate JPEG attachments.
  6. About the Author | 100% of all posts submitted must have an ABOUT THE AUTHOR and an AUTHOR IMAGE. Your biography should consist of 50 words or less and should be placed at the END of your post.

There is only one easy step to follow when inquiring about guest posting for RJR:

Send me an email at janelle [at] runjanellerun [dot] com briefly telling me what you plan to discuss. If you have a link to your website, feel free to include that too.

**It should be noted that I reserve the right to make any necessary grammatical corrections to blog posts as well as to reject those posts which are poorly written, overly self promotional or which do not pertain to this site.

Thanks again for participating, and happy blogging!

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