About Janelle

Throughout my years of running, I have been able to observe much- both in the way that people view the sport as spectators as well as how we, the athletes, deal with it mentally. The two are quite different!

It is my hope that this site will serve not only as a journal of my continued experience (and struggles) with this awesome sport, but that it will also offer advice and insight to others where fitness, athleticism and nutrition are concerned.

10 Things

Greg and Janelle Studdard
  1. Though I’m American, my “background” is French Canadian/Barbadian.
  2. I am married to the most wonderful, loving and charismatic man. Together, we have two beautiful daughters.
  3. I grew up on Long Island. That said, it’s annoying when I tell people that I’m from New York and they automatically start asking me questions about Manhattan. Ask me about Long Island. That’s where I lived.
  4. I have a love affair with sugar in all forms- particularly when it comes to Rainbow Cookies, Funny Bones and Girl Scouts Samoas.
  5. Though I enjoy social media, I also kind of hate it.
  6. I took horseback riding lessons for almost two years and learned how to ride English saddle.
  7. After graduate school, I worked for almost two years as a police officer.
  8. When I first moved to NC for college, I swore that I would never stay. I’m still here.
  9. I am a self-proclaimed ‘neat freak’.
  10. During college, it didn’t take long to recognize that running was treated as a “business”. It wasn’t fun for me anymore, and I quickly learned to un-like running. At one point, I considered walking away (no pun intended) from my scholarship obligation in order to transfer to a smaller school.

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