5 Gross Habits That Runners Share

Whenever I think back to all of the sports that I have watched, participated in or been subjected to, I can’t help but think about all of the nasty, disgusting habits that some people have. For instance, when I was playing in a soccer game a few weeks ago, one of the other girls stopped in the middle of the field to blow her nose onto the ground….sans tissues. If the sight of it didn’t distract those who were at the game, the sound certainly worked wonders. That being said, the following are some disgusting habits that I have been witness to (though never actually participated in myself):

5 Gross Habits That Runners Have:

  1. Snot Rockets– Defined as: using one finger to press against one nostril, while with the other one, you blow out whatever debris is in your nose and vice versa. Solution: Carry a tissue.
  2. Spitting-If you ever find yourself behind someone who likes to spit, STEER CLEAR because often times, whatever it is that they’re spitting out of their mouth is coming back right at you. Solution: Move to the side to clear your mouth; Warn the runner(s) behind you so that they can move; Swallow; Don’t do it!
  3. Going to the Bathroom Outside– Understandably, sometimes you cannot help but have to go to the bathroom during a run due to the intensity or length of your workout. However, as the saying goes- prevention is better than cure! Solution: Use the bathroom prior to running; Don’t eat or drink anything several hours before a long run or intense workout; Plot out your runs or workouts so that there is an actual bathroom nearby.
  4. Sweating– In college, we used to run all the time no matter what the weather was. During the warmer months, when it was 80+ degrees, some of the girls would sweat so much that running behind them became a test of visual acuity to see where the sweat was heading off of them so that you could then avoid it. Solution: If you have long hair, opt to tie it back in a bun versus a ponytail, which will only whip the sweat around to your neighbors; Well-ventilated running hats are a nice way to help contain hair for those with shorter styles; If all else fails, bring a lightweight towel and give yourself a dab every now and then.
  5. Body Odor– There are some people who I am convinced go through life never realizing that they stink. It is especially unpleasant to work out (let alone be in the same room) with someone who smells as if they rolled around in a bathtub of garbage and other unmentionables. Similarly, I can’t stand it when I go to the gym and someone comes over to use the machine near me and all I can smell is their cologne/perfume. Solution: Ditch the perfumes prior to exercising; Beef up on the deodorant; Make sure that you take a quick (yet thorough) shower prior to exercising; Wear socks with your running shoes; Wear fresh clothes.

This is just a brief list of bad habits that I’ve picked up on with running. Can you think of any that I’ve missed or that other people engage in with different sports or fitness activities?

Nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits. -Mark Twain

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