Nutrition Assessment

The following is a quiz that I was given when I was running cross country and track in high school. I’ve decided to re-type it up here so that you can take it and assess where you stand in your nutrition:

The Nutrition Assessment is divided into 4 categories: Prudent Diet, Calorie Control, Fat, Sodium (Salt). Answer each question according to your usual eating habits. Place the number corresponding to your answer in the space provided to the left of each question. Total these numbers at the end of each category.


___How much milk to you consume in a week?

  1. Drink at least 2 glasses per day (14 glasses or more per week)
  2. 1 glass per day
  3. Only use it on cereal or drink it occasionally (1-2 glasses per week)
  4. Do not consume milk at all

___How often do you choose to eat potato chips, corn chips, taco chips, olives, nuts or similar foods as snacks or with a meal?

  1. very rarely
  2. occasionally
  3. frequently
  4. usually

___How many times do you eat fruit per day?

  1. 4 or more
  2. 3-4 servings
  3. 1-2 servings
  4. none

___How many whole grain breads and cereals, raw fruits and vegetables, and bran products do you eat each day?

  1. 4 or more
  2. 3-4 servings
  3. 1-2 servings
  4. none

___Which describes your consumption of vegetables?

  1. Snack on raw vegetables and eat vegetables/salads with most meals
  2. Eat salads and vegetables at two meals a day
  3. Only eat vegetables when served with a meal
  4. Rarely eat vegetables

___How many glasses of water do you drink in a day?

  1. 8 or more glasses
  2. 5-8 glasses
  3. 2-4 glasses
  4. One glass or more



___What most closely describes the amount you eat at a time?

  1. Stop eating when full, even if there is still food on the plate
  2. Select a small amount and clean the plate
  3. Eat what is served and clean the plate
  4. Take second helpings, especially when it tastes good

___If you wanted to decrease calorie intake, which would you do:

  1. Cut down on meat, sauces, gravy, desserts, salad dressings
  2. Limit portion sizes
  3. Leave off bread and potatoes
  4. Follow a crash diet for a few days

___How many alcoholic beverages do you consume?

  1. 0-3 drinks per week
  2. 1-2 drinks per day
  3. 6-10 drinks at a time
  4. 3-10 drinks several times a week

___Do you ever eat until you are so full that you are uncomfortable?

  1. Rarely or on special occasions
  2. Periodically, 1-2 times a month
  3. Regularly, once a week
  4. Often, every couple of days, or more

___How many sweets (candy, pastry, cookies, desserts, ice cream, sugar-based beverages) do you eat?

  1. Only on special occasions or don’t eat sweets
  2. 1-3 servings per day
  3. 4-5 servings per day
  4. 6 or more servings per day

___Which pattern of eating typifies your style?

  1. Regular meals at frequent intervals
  2. Occasionally skipping a meal and/or binging
  3. Eating regularly for a few days, then binging when there is time to relax
  4. Skipping meals during the day and eating all evening



___How often do you eat eggs for breakfast or another meal?

  1. Less than once per week
  2. 2-3 times per week
  3. 4-6 times per week
  4. 7 or more times per week

___How many times per week do you consume red meat (beef, steak, Canadian bacon, lamb, ribs)?

  1. Less than 2 times
  2. 2-4 times
  3. 5-6 times
  4. More than 7

___When you prepare or eat poultry (chicken, turkey, cornish hen), which of the following plans do you most closely follow:

  1. Choose white meat, remove skin and prepare by baking or broiling
  2. Choose dark meat, skin removed and bake or broil
  3. Bake or broil, skin on and serve with gravy
  4. Leave the skin on and fry

___How do you prefer to drink coffee?

  1. Black
  2. With skim milk added
  3. With whole milk or 2% milk added
  4. With cream, half & half or powdered non-dairy creamers added

___When you eat dairy products (milk, yogurt, ice cream, cheese) do you select?

  1. Only skim or low-fat products
  2. Only look for low-fat products except when selecting ice cream
  3. Are not aware of the differences
  4. Only enjoy whole fat content dairy products

___If you were having potatoes, would you choose:

  1. Boiled or baked with margarine
  2. Boiled or baked with butter
  3. Boiled or baked with margarine, butter and sour cream
  4. French fried, hash browns



___How frequently do you add salt to your food after it is served at the table?

  1. Never
  2. Seldom
  3. Sometimes
  4. Always

___How many times do you eat at a “fast foods” restaurant…

  1. Rarely or always selecting a “salad bar” restaurant…
  2. Once a week
  3. Several times per month (more than 4)
  4. Several times per week

___How often do you eat any of the following foods: hot dogs, bologna, luncheon meats, bacon, ham, sausage?

  1. Less than twice per month
  2. Several times per month
  3. Once or twice a week
  4. Three or more times per week

___In what form do you most frequently purchase food for meal preparation?

  1. Fresh
  2. Canned or frozen without salt
  3. Canned without sauces
  4. Canned, frozen or dry with sauces and/or seasonings

___While preparing meals or when eating out, how frequently do you add any or all of the following items to your food: mustard, pickles, relish, soy sauce, ketchup, meat tenderizer, MSG?

  1. Less than three times per month
  2. Several times per week
  3. At least once each day
  4. More than three times per day

___How often do you use canned soups or dry soup/broth mixes?

  1. Less than twice per month
  2. Once a week
  3. Several times per week
  4. Daily


Score Results For Each Section

EXCELLENT……………………………………………….6 – 8
GOOD…………………………………………………………9 – 12
FAIR………………………………………………………….13 – 16
POOR…………………………………………………………17 – 20
VERY POOR………………………………………………..21 – 24

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