Postpartum Body Frustration

While the baby is asleep, I’m on the floor doing mountain climbers, and I’m sweating profusely. I haven’t even changed out of my clothing that I wore on the 10+ hour drive up to Long Island from North Carolina. I switch from mountain climbers to burpees, my bra strap falling down off my shoulder asContinue reading “Postpartum Body Frustration”

Raisin Bran w/ Skim Milk

On today’s menu: Hot, green tea 1/2 grapefruit Handful of organic cherries (washed) 10 oz. bowl of Raisin Bran with skim milk *Tip: To help with portions, I purchased a package of (5) 12 oz., colorful children’s bowls from Walmart. Not only are the bowls environmentally-friendly (with no BPAs), but at $2.98 for one package, I canContinue reading “Raisin Bran w/ Skim Milk”

Is Vitamin Water as Nutritious as We Think?

I have a little theory that I have carried with me for quite some time, and it is based on the fact that if something tastes really, really good, then it probably isn’t so great for you. Since Glacéau came out with VitaminWater Zero, it seems too good to be true: a tasty beverage that is not only packedContinue reading “Is Vitamin Water as Nutritious as We Think?”