Vadnais Versus Vermont and the Killington Stage Race

I drove up to Long Island a couple of days ago, specifically for one reason: to support my younger brother as he prepared to race in the Killington Stage Race (KSR). The race (held annually) is a 3-day-long cycling event that takes place on the roads that wind through the Green Mountains in Killington, Vermont. Stage Racing For thoseContinue reading “Vadnais Versus Vermont and the Killington Stage Race”

Quiet Races on Deserted Runways

Early on a quiet, Thursday morning, we turn left onto a deserted field. Pavement cracked as we weave our way around under cloudy skies.  Just past the sign where it says ‘No Motor Vehicles’, we make our way towards a minivan and a lonely, white table parked in the distance. Off to the left, a coupleContinue reading “Quiet Races on Deserted Runways”