Announcement: Let Our Children Run

The following is a message from Kim Braschwitz regarding the public use of tracks in the Cary, NC area. If you can help out, we’d really appreciate the support!

Dear All:

This letter is going out to the community. Our first goal is to let the children of Raleigh RUN….let them get the same chance we did when we were kids. Our second goal is to open the gates for those of us who do not have access to a track to do our training.

Duane Ross is a 2004 Olympian, Director of Track & Field and Cross Country for Methodist College , Vice President for the North Carolina United States Track & Field Association (NC USATF) and is also a volunteer youth coach. Please read Bio for Duane Ross

Duane needs our support, please do what ever you can to get the word out we need to have our voice heard in record numbers over the next two weeks. If we are unable to come to a resolution please plan to attend the Wake County Board of Education on February 17, 2009 at 3pm.

Please feel free to send this to anyone who is willing to help out the kids.

Thank you,

Kim Braschwitz

January 28, 2009


Dear Track Family:

There comes a time when one must stand up for what’s right. For our organization that time is now. If you’re not aware, most of our expenses as a club come from facility cost. Communities in Schools, an organization under the umbrella of the Wake County Board of Education, control the cost and access to all of the public track facilities in Wake County . Despite the fact that our tax dollars pay for these facilities, Communities in Schools still charges our club $50/hr to use them. In one season, we pay in excess of $4,000 just to have our kids enjoy themselves on a facility that our tax dollars have already paid for. In addition to the cost, we’re told that we cannot use a high school track with a much softer surface until the school year has ended, forcing us to pay the same excessive amount for a concrete track surface that limits our capabilities and ultimately leads in our children having minor injuries.

As an organization, we have spoken to several High School Principals and Athletic Directors about the usage of their facilities. Each one has granted access to their track and looks forward to a relationship with our club. Unfortunately, that is where the goodwill stops. These same Principals and Athletic Directors can grant us access, but ultimately they too must work with Communities in Schools and get their permission. So what do we do about it?

Below is a link to the Wake County Board of Education website where each one of us can send an email to all the board members at one time. We need to have our voice heard in record numbers over the next two weeks.

If there is no resolution to these issues by February 10th, 2009, our organization along with representatives of USATF-NC and other clubs in the area will meet with the Wake County Board of Education on February 17th, 2009 at 3pm to voice our concerns personally. We would like for as many of our children and parents possible to be available to show their support. Our theme for this occasion will be “Let our Children Run.”

Let’s work together to make sure our club remains the best in North Carolina ! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact myself or one of our club volunteers.

Thank you,

Duane Ross and Rodney Mathes

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