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Facebook serves many purposes for many people, but the social networking platform’s usefulness doesn’t end with staying in touch with old school friends and distant family members! Thanks to Facebook pages, people are able to converse and collaborate on a number of topics, and health, fitness, and nutrition are some of the most popular in a world full of fattening foods and reasons to stay on the couch.

If you’re working to build healthier eating habits and could use a bit of support from others on the same path, check out these five helpful healthy nutrition Facebook pages for a boost in both morale and know-how:

1. Scoop Nutrition

A big part of being a healthy eater is knowing the best foods to zero in on, and how to cook them, and that makes the Scoop Nutrition Facebook page a great one to “like,” filling your news feed with tips, tricks, and recipes several times each day.

Besides reaping the rewards of knowing your food better than ever before, you’re also likely to find yourself learning the kind of useful trivia that will make you a hit with friends and exercise buddies, alike!

2. Nutritional Disorders Journal

While it may not be a topic that often comes to mind, the fact is that our diets can play a major role in our likelihood of developing some forms of chronic disease, and the Nutritional Disorders Journal Facebook page is the perfect place to stop by for a healthy dose of insight on how your eating habits can affect your physical well-being.

From studies of foods that are linked to everything from obesity to autism, to those that reflect on the dangers of compounds like aspartame and bisphenol A, this Facebook page offers a unique look at food and diet – one that you’ll not find anywhere else.


No matter what your exact fitness goals are, a simple search in Google will reveal a long list of confusing facts, advice, and other information, often times causing enough conflict to leave you not knowing in which direction to go.

Aiming to solve that problem is the Facebook page, an easy to access community that offers up straightforward, sensible tips and facts several times daily. Should you eat three meals per day, or six? Do you really need eight glasses of water per day? Is aspartame really as risky as many people claim it is? You’ll find answers to those questions and more on this page.

4. Nutrition Diva

The Nutrition Diva is a well-known figure on Facebook, and the more than 22,000 people who take part in what her page has to offer are all drawn by the creative and super healthy recipes, tips, and web links that she posts every day of the week. Besides those offerings, you’ll also find a constant discussion taking place here about any and every facet of eating well, giving you the opportunity to grow and learn with others who share the same interests as you.

5. Nutrition on a Budget

Let’s face it: eating healthy can get quite expensive, and that makes even considering a major change in our diet a headache for many millions of people around the world. Thankfully, the Nutrition on a Budget Facebook page provides you with multiple creative tips and tricks every single day, each of them designed with only two things in mind: saving you money, and making you healthier.

Whether you’re looking to create your own sauces, dressings, and dips in order to avoid preservatives, or you just need information on how to choose the products that will serve your pocket and body best, you’ll find everything you need here, along with lots of tips that you’d never knew you needed until you saw them!

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