When Your Wisdom Teeth are Removed, Where Does the Wisdom Go?

My morning routine began the same as any other. I stepped out of the shower and spent the next fifteen minutes stealing sideway glances at my butt and thighs before reluctantly glaring at them as I poked, prodded, lifted and finally sighed my way into my clothes. It was only a week ago that I had had oral surgery to remove all four of my wisdom teeth, and in the interim, I wasn’t supposed to be working out at all.

I could swear it was starting to show. Anxious to put my newfound lack of wisdom to the test, I made the mistake of thinking that I was ready to tackle some cardio just 6 days after surgery. I didn’t think it would be a big deal, especially seeing as how I hadn’t experienced any sort of pain or discomfort throughout the entire wisdom teeth ordeal.

Just to play it safe, I decided to take it super easy by opting to follow an aerobics dvd off of Netflix. Approximately fifteen minutes into a routine that involved jumping side to side, bending over and using weights, I was suddenly struck by the feeling that if my mouth didn’t explode first, then my head definitely would.

No Rest for the Weary

One would think that I would’ve used better judgment to give myself the extra time needed to recover, but alas, my paranoia and obsession with fitness got the better of me…at least where my teeth used to be…. 

How beautiful it is to do nothing and then rest afterward. -Spanish Proverb

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