Who Said You Couldn’t Eat Guacamole for Dinner?

As important as it is to maintain a regular exercise schedule, it would be meaningless if you didn’t also maintain a relatively healthy diet. That being said, I came across the following recipe from Lisa Rosen and decided to give it a whirl. Being that I am, in no way, shape or form, a cook; this recipe is simple and doesn’t require too much in the way of prep time. As an additional bonus, it is both delicious and good for you!Black Beans & Guacamole Rice Dish
What You’ll Need:

  • rice (any kind that you prefer)
  • (1) can of black beans, rinsed and drained
  • (1/2) cup of salsa (it’s ok to eyeball it)
  • (2) avocados
  • (1/4) red onion, diced (I used a food processor)
  • (1/4) cup or so of lime juice
  • salt and pepper to taste

Directions for Black Beans & Salsa:

  • Using a rice cooker (or simply following the directions on the rice), cook the rice as instructed. 
  • While the rice is cooking, rinse and drain the can of black beans and then dump the contents into a medium size saucepan.
  • Add the salsa to the saucepan, straining as much of the juice out of it as you prefer (the more liquid you keep, the more soupy the beans will be).
  • Heat the contents of the saucepan over medium/high heat until hot and then lower heat until ready to serve.

Directions for Guacamole:

  • Fill a small bowl with water and ice cubes.
  • Place sliced onion into bowl and allow to sit for approximately 10 minutes (The ice water reduces that oniony aftertaste).
  • While the onion is soaking, prep your avocados: cut each one in half around the equator. When you twist the two halves apart, the pit will stick in one side. Carefully use a sharp knife to remove the pit. After that, score the flesh of the avocado like a tic-tac-toe board and then turn it inside out. Use a spoon to scrape the squares off of the peel into your bowl or food processor.
  • Depending on whether or not you have a food processor, simply add the avocado and onion into the processor and pulse a few times until evenly mixed. If you do not have a food processor, mash the avocado by hand using a fork.
  • After avocado and diced onion are thoroughly mixed together, add lime juice as well as salt and pepper to taste.


  • Add finished rice to a plate and pour desired amount of black bean-salsa sauce over the top. Add guacamole at the end.

To safeguard one’s health at the cost of too strict a diet is a tiresome illness indeed. -La Rochefoucauld

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