Get Your ‘Beach Body’ Back in Time for the Summer

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It sneaks up on us every year. It’s still a little chilly outside, and your snuggled up on the couch eating a big bowl of homemade macaroni and cheese when the weather reporter hits you with upcoming temperatures that make you drop your fork—beach season is upon us.

Most people indulge a little more throughout the winter. With the holidays and the undeniable satisfaction of comfort foods when it’s cold out, it’s pretty common to put on a few pounds. But not to worry! It’s never to late to start working towards a healthier beach body. Get the motivation you need with a few of these helpful tips and tools to you get started.

Get Ready

In their post on taking steps toward attaining your beach body, Verizon Wireless says the first step is “assessing the damage.” For many people, just thinking of stepping on the scale can cause anxiety, and even discourage them from moving forward with a new routine. If you find the fear of the scale holding you back from getting started, Verizon suggests trying out the Fitbit® Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale, which apparently “greets you with a grin each time you step aboard.”

Not only does the scale give you your accurate weight, but it can provide you with your body fat and body mass index, so you can focus on getting healthy, instead of just seeing the pounds you’ve lost. To make the process even easier, the scale syncs with your smartphone, “so you can log your food, carry your diet plan and know how many calories you’ve burned throughout the day.” It’s a hassle-free, easy way to get started on making healthier choices.

Make Small Dietary Changes.

You’ve probably heard it before, but it remains true: there are no “quick fixes” for losing weight. If you try and restrict yourself  earlier on, you’ll likely end up binge eating later, or making even poorer choices to substitute your cravings. Take it slow when changing up your diet. The cold weather probably had you staying indoors and eating heavier, high-calorie foods a lot more than you normally would during the summer.

Start by swapping out one meal for a lower-calorie option. Prevention states that even though it may seem like a small step, it’s proven to go a long way in helping you reach your goals. More vegetables, fewer carbs. More grilling, less frying. Once you’ve gotten into a routine of eating a little healthier, you’re more likely to be motivated to incorporate healthier alternatives into other meals throughout your day.

Kick Up Your Exercise Routine.

No time for a workout? Well then it’s time to reevaluate. Fitness Magazine argues that there is always something you can switch out for a quick 30 minutes of exercise. Try biking to work, or use part of your lunch break to go for a walk. Not only can it help you stay on track throughout the day, but Prevention states that light exercise (away from the office) has been proven to make you more productive.

No babysitter? No problem. You can take the kids with you. Pushing a stroller can add additional resistance and muscle exertion while you walk, and some gyms even offer child daycare while you sneak in a workout.

If you’re feeling good, and ready to push yourself to the next level, remember to do so safely and take things slow. You might want results fast, but if you pull a muscle from over doing it at the gym, you’ll end up having to put your routine on hold, ultimately slowing your progression. Make little changes first. With every small victory, you’ll gain a little more motivation and confidence to keep going.

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Sara Upton is an advocate for healthy living and a clean lifestyle. She lives in Charleston, SC with her husband, Jeff, and their golden retriever, Henry.

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