Improving Your Diet with Modern Lifestyle Choices

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Today, life moves at fast pace; and while it may be easier to buy a hamburger and french fries – the easiest way isn’t always the best way. If you have these kinds of habits in your diet, surely you must have noticed the negative effect it has had (or will eventually).

The food you eat should energize you – not make you feel sluggish and lethargic. There are countless diet books, recipes and people pushing the latest diet craze. However, you don’t have to follow a diet from a magazine or a book. Instead, simple changes to your lifestyle and to the way that you think can help you rise above any daily nutritional challenges.

Keep a Food Diary

Make a list of your eating habits. If you write down everything you eat for a couple of days, it will help you discover the bad habits. Then, you’ll know what to change. Keeping a food diary is the first step on the road towards improving your diet.

Some common eating habits, which can lead to weight gain include:

  • eating when stressed out
  • eating too fast
  • cleaning your plate
  • skipping meals
  • always having dessert
  • eating while standing up

Identify all the triggers causing these patterns and prioritize the ones you have to change as soon as possible. Write down new, healthy habits to replace the old, bad habits.

Small Changes, Big Impact

Small changes can have a big impact in the long run. One thing, which requires almost no effort is eating more S L O W L Y.

It takes about 20 minutes from the moment you start eating for your brain to send signals you’ve had enough. If it is too difficult for you to slow down, try taking “mini-breaks” during your meal. Other things you can do include:

  • Switch fried meals for grilled ones; the ingredients are the same, but the end result is much healthier.
  • Avoid adding salt after the meal has already been cooked.
  • Swap most refined grains for whole grains to help with weight management.

Simplify your meals by adding fresh ingredients into your diet every day. Fruits and vegetables should make up 50 percent of your plate. If you know that fast food is a weakness while at work, try to pack your meals at home.

Spice it Up with Working Out

Deciding to live a healthier lifestyle is one thing; actually doing it is another thing. Simply improving your diet isn’t enough. If you add exercise to the equation, you’ll see better results. By incorporating physical activity into your daily routine, and adopting a healthy diet, you’ll have a greater chance to live a healthier life.

To make sure your diet is compatible with the need for energy after exercising, consult a post workout nutrition guide. When you overcome the first level, increase the intensity and duration of the training sessions.

Changing bad habits, such as eating while standing up or in front of the TV, is essential for living a healthy life. It may not be easy, but it will prove worthwhile. Healthy habits will control your weight, improve your mood, combat disease and boost your energy. Why not give it a try?

About the Author:

Peter is a yoga enthusiast and fitness lover. He is dedicated to healthy living, exercising and spending time outdoors as much as possible. A firm believer in healthy diet, natural smoothies and energy healthy drinks for overall health benefits, Peter is powered by true motivation in all aspects of yoga and fitness-ing. He hopes to run his own yoga and fitness center someday. You can follow Peter on Twitter.

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