Dragging Myself Out of Bed

This morning I was supposed to get up at 5am and go for a 7 miler. 


I actually slept right through my alarm. In the wonderful world of running, things have been pretty decent. A few weeks ago I did something to my hamstring, which then did something to my hip flexor- but it feels much better now. However, I couldn’t mask my frustration when it came time to work out on the track with the marathoners last Tuesday. They were doing 2-1-1 (which is a super long distance workout that I’ve never done), so I opted instead to do quarters, jumping in and out with them.

That didn’t last long.

My hamstring began to feel really tight and then bordered on being painful. It seems that there is just no easy way to ease back into track stuff. I say this because then, on Thursday, I met up with them and ran 8.4 miles at sub 7min/mile pace and was (for the most part) totally fine! So what gives?

Tomorrow is another track workout, and I’m almost wondering if it might be better for me to simply do a tempo-type run on my own- at least for a few weeks longer until I figure out the hamstring issues…

Additionally, the soccer season is now in full swing, so when I’m not running hard twice a week, I’m playing soccer for an hour and a half. Then there’s also the occasional golf, tennis and Pilates….

I wake up each day and am thankful that I have two strong legs and a healthy body, which allows me to move freely and be so active.

Success in anything seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes but don’t quit. They hang on after others have let go. -Unknown

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