5 Signs You May be Overtraining

You’re gaining weight..in a bad way. No matter how hard you exercise, it seems as if your body has a different plan. Fat gain is not that uncommon when you’re overtrained due to increased levels of cortisol, a chemical that is released in your body when you are stressed out. Other hormonal things may beContinue reading “5 Signs You May be Overtraining”

Running on Sand vs. Running on Land

There are many reasons why I love escaping to Long Island during the summer- such as visiting my family, seeing old friends and eating wonderful food…but my favorite reason is the beach. It’s true that you really don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Since I moved to the Raleigh, NC area almost aContinue reading “Running on Sand vs. Running on Land”

Don’t “Drink” the Air- A Look at Aerophagia and Running

Aerophagia, or swallowing air, typically occurs throughout the course of performing normal, everyday activities such as: eating, exercising, talking, etc. But recently, I was contemplating how something as simple as swallowing air might inhibit an athlete’s performance while running. According to the Mayo Clinic, bloating, burping and passing gas are normal reactions to a) swallowing airContinue reading “Don’t “Drink” the Air- A Look at Aerophagia and Running”